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                     Center Power Technology Co. Ltd with R&D located in Pingshan District, Shenzhen, China with a production base located in the Industrial Park of Jinyu Oriental, Huiyang District, Huizhou City. It is a company deeply focused on all aspects of producing new energy power storage systems and new energy vehicle power systems by fully and carefully addressing research, development, design, manufacturing and sales.
                    We are a High-Tech Enterprise with a Management Team combining experiences from CATL, BYD and Optimum Nano over the last eight years and they have gathered a vast amount of knowledge

              and outstanding industry talents with over 85% of undergraduate education.

                     The Management Team is concentrating on Mobile Charging Vehicles, Pure Electric Low-Speed Vehicles, Electric Motorcycles, Communication Back Up Power Supply, Household Energy Storage, Lithium-Ion Replacement of Lead Acid Batteries, and Outdoor Energy Storage.

                     Products include Cylindrical, Prismatic and Soft Package with Lithium Iron Phosphate Series, NCM Series and Polymer Battery Series and we are committed to providing High performance, High Quality cost effective product solutions with comprehensive lifecycle service of products.

                    Center Power  has solid financial backing and will further increase its investment to expand production, increase research and development capabilities and promote the development of new energy storage systems as we strive to show there is great importance to be the best in product development and quality assurance and this is already proving to be a High Class operation with International recognition by supplying batteries into USA, UK, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, India, South Korea, Nigeria, Nepal and up to more than a total of 40 International Countries.

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